Mahishakola, P.O. Nazirput, D.T. Nadia, West Bengal


Principal: Fr. Joseph Arul Rozario: Greetings and welcome to St. Mother Teresa’s School, Nazirpur, the home of the CHILDREN! I am thrilled that you have decided to view our school’s website in order to learn more about the wonderful students, staff, and programs we have to offer. St. Mother Teresa’s School, Nazirpur, has a reputation of excellence and we will continue to strive to become the best. We are about to embark upon a new school year with great enthusiasm and anticipation of new opportunities that will enhance our instructional program and school community as a whole.
As you peruse our website, you will notice that we have created and maintain a webpage to keep parents informed of news relevant to their classrooms. We are committed to providing innovative lessons to our students, incorporating technology in order to meet the needs of the 21st century learner.
Our school community is dedicated to providing our students with a well-rounded educational experience. While the core curriculum is provided for all students, we believe that it is critical to provide leadership opportunities, character education and exposure to the technologies in order to prepare students to compete with their global counterparts.
We encourage you to visit our beautiful school and see that we are a school committed to children, with a career focus. You will find that this is a vibrant and engaging community of teachers and learners. To our parents, we believe that your involvement is an essential component to the academic success of your child. I encourage you to visit our website often, meet your child’s teacher and to get engaged in all that the St. Mother Teresa’s School, Nazirpur has to offer. Your participation in our school is needed and greatly appreciated! I look forward to partnering with you on behalf of our future leaders as we are Building Better Futures…No Excuses! Enthusiastically,
Fr. Joseph Arul Rozario
Principal, St. Mother Teresa’s School, Nazirpur.

Miss. Khaloune

Class Teach of LKG

I am a trained professional teacher with lots of love for children, very ambitious and always ready to learn new things and teach in a new way to the children. My children love me so much and I am a second mother to them.

Miss. Vazine

Class Teacher of UKG

I am a hardworking, friendly and very respectful facilitator, being with children gives me great pleasure and the children love my presence. Teaching with singing and dancing to the children is my passion.

Sr. Sangita

Class Teacher of PN

I am a zealous and reliable enabler who finds joy in being with children and helping them develop their talents. Children love to be in my class and I enjoy being with them teaching and learning.

Sr. Taramoni


I am a passionate and hardworking facilitator who finds joy in being with children and helping them develop their talents.

Mrs. Asheema


I am diligent, kind-hearted, sweet and a noble individual. I love the school and the children. I like assisting in the school and assisting the students in need. I keep myself always available.

Mr. Subo Chaudhary


I am an able, reliable and children friendly driver. I drive the vehicle carefully knowing that there are children travelling in the vehicle.

Mr. Hasan


I am a trained and well behaved driver. Children love travelling in my vehicle. I keep good contact with the guardians and so I manage to bring children right in time to school.